Hey, let’s start the day with some hilarious post. This incident that occurred around Leicester, in the East Midlands of England still has me laughing my head off as i type this.

A Honda Civic driving behind an Audi crashed into the rear of the Audi as it braked. The impact seems somehow substantial then the drama begins. The doors of the Civic are all flung open and 1,2,3…..8 passengers all dash out and run away. Guess what?

One of the passengers quickly returns to the car and opens the boot and yet another passenger clambers out and also runs away, making a total of 9 passengers in the tiny car, leaving the Audi driver with two wrecked cars to deal with.

Well the police are looking for these guys believed to be youths.

Overloading and wet roads are a very bad combination, stay safe at all times.

Video credit: Youtube.

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