Nigeria is a country that heavily depends on hydrocarbon fuel for powering cars, machines and power generating sets.

Sadly many filling stations all over the country derive joy in shortchanging customers by underselling the required volume to them. The variances in this crime depend on the level of greed of the owner.

You can see the fuel level just slightly above the 5 liter mark.

Initially I didn’t bother checking but at some point, I decided to be buying only in a calibrated, 5 liter cans to check for these variances.

What I discovered yesterday was very shocking and annoying. I paid the fuel pump attendant #900 to fill up my plastic can, lo and behold the machine dispensed #900 worth of fuel and stopped. I took my gallon and checked, it it was just slightly above 5 liters. But the proper sale should have been 6.21 liters due to the #145 per liters pump price.

I actually have confirmed from some other filling stations that I need less than #900 to fill up the can so was expecting some change.

I seize this opportunity to thank and encourage the new NNPC filling station just after the Ago Bridge of Ago Palace Way, Okota. I have severally confirmed that their pumps are perfectly calibrated so you get what you paid for. In this particular filling station, i use #830 to fill-up to the brim this same gallon with PMS.

While in the those near to perfection, it is #850, #870 to fill up.

I also commend the MRS filling station near ABC Transport Plc junction of the Festac Link Road for also being consistent in dispensing fuel with the right calibration.

But others especially the one on 21 Road, Festac who regularly under-dispenses fuel to the public (they sold me the #900 portion yesterday after buying #3,000 into the car), just know that this is robbery and must stop.

I also pray the relevant authorities can swing into action to nab these offenders and correct such anomalies.

Let’s not keep quiet in the face of this robbery by unscrupulous filling stations. Let’s call them out for wrong-doing. List the out here. But be sure before you make the accusation.


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  1. I thought DPR regulates these things and carry out inspections too. Maybe it’s time DPR developed a whistle-blowing/reporting system the public can use and report the erring stations to DPR. Another thing I don’t understand till date is why stations deduct 50 if you buy with keg and didn’t drive.

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