Wharf Road Reconstruction.
Due to on going Reconstruction work on Wharf Road at Airways to Point Road Intersection:

*With effect from Monday  28th of August,  2017*

All Vehicles on Wharf road Outbound Port gate from *AIRWAYS Roundabout to Point road* would be *temporarily DIVERTED.*


*1. Vehicles outbound Wharf road towards Ijora bridge will be diverted INBOUND to make use of a lane from Airways RoundAbout to Point Road intersection and continue to Ijora as USUAL.*
*2. Vehicles INBOUND Port gate/Airways will Share INBOUND Wharf road from Point road to Airways with outbound Traffic.*
A.  Container carrying Trucks would be *DIVERTED* towards Liverpool road. 
B.  Only Sided Trucks, Flatbed Trucks, Commuter Passenger vehicles,  other Private vehicles and low tonnage Delivery vehicles would be *ALLOWED* on *ONE lane of Wharf road* *Inbound Port from Point road Airways roundabout.*

Parking or Waiting by any vehicle ( Trailer, Tanker, Truck, Bus or Car) is prohibited on Wharf Road from Area ‘B’ to Eleganza RoundAbout.  

Thank you.


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