The Silicon Valley-based arm of Toyota research institute has unveiled the latest version if its self driving car with better and more advanced features.

The latest Lexus LS 600hL is endowed with a better sensors, improved detection, and two steering wheels to better transfer control from human to robot.

The test vehicle has a LIDAR, radar, and camera arrays.
Toyota had earlier disclosed that the test vehicles which they refused to give the number are being tested on both closed course and public roads in Michigan,  Massachusetts, Silicon Valley Ann Arbor and Cambridge.
James Kuffner, chief technology officer at TRI reacting to the development said the new Lexus LS 600hL is built with safety at the back of their mind.
He said
“The usability and safety are really important to us, and Toyota in general,
 “We think that driver monitoring technology to basically confirm that a driver is engaged is an important part of deploying this technology safely.
 “Our research vehicle prototype we think is the most perceptive car in the world.”
The second steering wheel, which Kuffner called a “unique dual cockpit configuration,” was included to allow a trained safety operator to take over during testing if need be when the car confronts obstacles in the road.
Also, if Toyota’s researchers want to let the car drive itself without anyone in the driver seat, they can with little concern that the vehicle will go on a joyride or make a dangerous maneuvers.
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