After European Hydration Institute discovered that dehydration of a driver is as dangerous as drink driving Japanese auto industry have stepped up their game to manufacture a car that could detect if the driver is dehydrated.

European Hydration Institute found that motorists who consume only a sip of water (25ml) per hour made more than double the number of mistakes on the road than those who were properly hydrated.

The team highlighting some of the dangers of dehydration said Dehydration is accompanied with mistakes such as late-braking, drifting within a lane and even crossing lane lines.

The Japanese giant teamed up with Droog, a Dutch design brand to integrate a sweat-sensing technology coating called SOAK into its Juke model


The coating, which is applied to the steering wheel and front seats, then changes colour when it is in contact with perspiration. When it turns yellow, it indicates that the driver is dehydrated. When rehydrated, it turns blue.

A medical consultant for Nissan Motorsport Dr Harj Chaggar, said:

While many athletes are well-versed on keeping hydrated, many people outside the sporting sphere remain unaware of the impact of dehydration on physiological performance.

“Sweat-sensing technology built into a car is an innovative way of highlighting this, aiding prevention by warning the driver directly.”

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