Aggressive drivers may infuriate you, but retaliating with similar tactics is dangerous. Take a passive approach in dealing with road rage. Use these strategies in specific road-rage scenarios:

1. Tailgaters:
If the driver behind you is right on your bumper, tap the brakes a few times to let the driver know that he’s not maintaining a safe distance. If he stays on your tail, slow down gradually. Chances are the tailgater will eventually pass you.

2. Speeders:
If you see a car speeding or aggressively changing lanes behind you, stay in your lane while maintaining your speed.

3. Abusive drivers
If a driver behind steering wheels calls you names for your driving style (maybe speed), do not exchange words with him to avoid distractions. Maintain your speed and lane letting him pass if he thinks you are driving too slow

4. Horn Blowers
If a speedy driver continuously blows his horn and coming in fast towards your tail, reduce your speed and drift to your right letting him pass.

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