Castrol lubricants have been around, lubricating different types of engines all over the world for about a decade now in a manner that leaves even the closest rivals miles behind.

To help Nigerians savour and experience the great benefits of the use of these oils in engine lubrication, Eterna Plc, an indigenous company went the extra mile to bring Castrol lubricants into the Nigerian market for the benefit of NIgerians.

From L- R: Nnamdi Obiagwu, Head of Lubricants – Eterna Plc, Irene Quero, Regional Marketing Director Europe and Africa – Castrol, Stan Dewing, Regional Sales Manager Africa – Castrol, Mahmud Tukur, Managing Director – Eterna Plc, Rob Bowen, Head of Technology Africa – Castrol, Akosua Acheaw, Marketing Manager – Castrol and Matteo Antonelli, Sales Manager – Castrol

Eterna Plc having secured the sole franchise to sell the products in the Nigerian market have gone ahead to build a brand-new blending plant in Sagamu, Ogun State on a sprawling 5 hectares land.

After some years of running checks and confirming all parameters at par with the international standards and the oils blended giving the best performance as obtained in other countries, Eterna Plc unveiled the Castrol range of lubricants into the Nigerian market in a world-class press launch.

In his speech at the event, Mahmud Tukur, Managing Director, Eterna Plc said; “the journey began as far back as 1991 through the vision of the company’s founder, Otunba Tunji Lawal Solarin,  when Eterna started importing and distributing Castrol Lubricants in Nigeria. A robust marketing structure was set up and with increased market sales, Eterna began to manufacture lubricants locally through a third-party facility on an interim basis.

Mahmud Tukur, Managing Director, Eterna Plc

The aim was always for the company to own its blending facility and this dream became a reality when Eterna secured a US $940,000 loan from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in 1995 to construct what was to eventually become one of the best and most modern lubricant manufacturing plants in Africa. Castrol designed the plant and provided the required technical support during construction ensuring that the plant met global standards.

Some of the Castrol products being launched into the market include.

  1. Castrol Edge: Fully synthetic oil with Fluid Strength Technology.
  2. Castrol Magnatec: Semi-synthetic oil Instant Protection from the start
  3. Castrol GTX Essential: Trusted Protection for your engine”.
Castrol GTX Essential.

It is also pertinent to note that Eterna Oil Plc is the first fully indigenous oil marketing company to be listed on the floor of the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE). Despite all the challenges it has faced, the company has come out stronger, its balance sheet is very healthy and we are now poised to deliver exceptional value to our shareholders, staff, distributors and partners.

It was also revealed that customers should always buy their products from accredited dealers and retailers to avoid buying counterfeit products and it is becomeing rampant that every great product gets counterfeited.

Rob Bowen, Head of Technology Africa – Castrol in his contribution, advised car owners to always ensure they follow manufacturer’s specified lubricant specifications when purchasing and using lubricants for their cars to avoid using good oils for the wrong engines as the case may be.

Rob Bowen being interviewed by the press.

Mr Nnamdi Obiagwu; Head of Lubricants, Eterna Plc assured that in addition to the present points of sales for these products more robust distribution networks are being put in place to ensure consumers don’t break a sweat in purchasing these products. He equally said that there are consumer feedback communication channels for consumers to reach the company whenever the need arises. And over the next few months they will be rolling out sales points nationwide, appointing distributors in strategic markets, partnering with independent retailers and constructing own mega stations in key cities including Abuja and Calabar.

Nnamdi Obiagwu; Head of Lubricants, Eterna Plc

It was aslo revealed that as an additional quality assurance method, their lab frequently participates in ILCP (Inter Laboratory Correlation Programmes) exercises where it is provided with random samples to test and the results are benchmarked against many laboratories scattered all over the globe and Eterna’s Laboratory has continued to retain its global rating and is currently pursuing its ISO 17025 certification.

The overall activities of the blending plant are supervised by Castrol’s Global manufacturing and Technology teams, ensuring that our staff are exposed to the latest manufacturing and testing methods, resulting in the highest quality manufactured lubricants.

Also at this launch, it was revealed that the latest addition to the Castrol GTX family “Castrol GTX Essential” was produced for the first time in the world at their plant in Sagamu this August. This is a clear demonstration of the confidence reposed in our manufacturing capabilities by Castrol.

Castrol GTX Essential was developed in response to specific market requirements in Nigeria/Africa (and other regions with similar climatic conditions) and is an example of how globally developed technology is brought to bear in ways that address local conditions, meet engine manufacturers’ specifications whilst remaining affordable and cost effective.

From L- R: Matteo Antonelli, Sales Manager – Castrol, Mahmud Tukur, Managing Director – Eterna Plc, Nnamdi Obiagwu, Head of Lubricants – Eterna Plc and Stan Dewing, Regional Sales Manager Africa – Castrol

It was also revealed that the Castrol range of lubricants are very affordable and offers better value than the closest competitor’s products.

Personally, i have used the Edge, Magnatec and GTX engine oils for both my personal car and client’s cars in the workshop in the past two years and i must say that they have given me much more than i ever needed in a lubricant.


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