Always stop far enough behind the vehicle in front that you can see their tyres touching the  road and 1 metre of tarmac. This space leaves room for you to comfortably pull out and pass should the vehicle in front break down. 

It also leaves you room to move out of the way if an emergency vehicle needs to pass.

Other rules you must observe:

  1. Never stop so that you block access to a side road or business entrance.
  2.  If you stop alongside a parked car, allow room for the driver to open their door.
  3. When in a traffic jam, never stop on a pedestrian crossing.
  4. When you park, never block access to driveways or side roads.
  5. Do not park opposite bus stops unless there is plenty of room for vehicles to pass between you and a bus waiting at the stop.
  6. Never park too close to a vehicle displaying a disabled badge – the occupants may need room to put a wheelchair in the boot.
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