Michael Schumacher’s former manager has called on the family of the Formula 1 driver to reveal the truth about Schumacher’s health condition to his fans.

The seven times Formula 1 champion was said to have been involved in a Skiing crash which he suffered brain injuries four years ago.

There are unconfirmed rumors circulating that Schumacher will be moved from Switzerland to the U.S after he relapse into coma contrary to Schumacher’s family statement that the health of the 48 years old champion inls improving.
Willi Weber, who was Schumacher’s long-term manager, blames the confusion on the great German’s family and current management.

“I find it very unfortunate that Michael’s fans do not know about his health. Why are they not being told the truth?” Weber asked. 

“Formula 1 is just like my back now — painful,” Weber said. “It is now a Mickey Mouse show and nothing else. The sport has gone into the background.”

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