Italian Auto industry has recalled nothing less than 24,900 cars in Canada over faulty airbag, Transport Canada reports

 According to report the recalled vehicles includes Chrysler 200 model and Dodge Avenger  manufactured betweeen 2012 and 2013 and Jeep Liberty manufactured in 2012.

There could be an electrical condition within the Occupant Restraint Control (“ORC”) module.

 This may result in the airbag warning lamp illuminating, and the active head restraints not to deploy during certain rear impact collisions, which could increase the risk of injury to front seat occupants. 

Chrysler noted that the ORC part number of the affected vehicles will be inspected by dealers and replace the ORC if necessary. 

They further explained that vehicles that have been previously repaired with the updated ORC under recall 2016-448 will not require repairing under this recall campaign.

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