A lot of people especially the younger ones have been misusing phones especially smartphones in different forms especially by combining it with driving or walking along the roads leading to avoidable consequences.

Image credit: Jalopnik.

To curb this, the government of Honolulu, starting from Wednesday, will activate a law that outlaws texting and crossing the street. This law also empowers the police to fine defaulters up to $35 when caught using a phone while walking and crossing an intersection in the Hawaiian city and surrounding county.

The reason for this being that according to Brandon Elefante, a City Council member who proposed the bill in an interview with the Times, “Pedestrian deaths jumped nearly 10 percent in 2016, up to roughly 6,000. The Times reports that’s the highest rate since 1990—but it’s ultimately inconclusive, for now, whether pedestrian deaths can be linked to texting while walking”.

Distracted driving and walking is becoming a global issue leading to road incidents and crashes resulting in an escalating loss of lives and properties.

I support this move provided there will be evidence of the commission of the offence to avoid arbitrary arrests.




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