While driving on highway, you have to assume every driver is insane and that you are the only careful driver on the way. This doesn’t mean other drivers are careless but rather will help you take precautions while driving and drive defensively. 

Below are defensive driving techniques

Keep safe distance.

This is one of the golden rules of defensive driving- most of the traffic accidents happen because of tailgating. Close distance results in your inability to stop quickly and to avoid the accident. Keep the safe distance at all times.

Don’t speed
Speeding magnifies any negative effects of traffic accident- it negatively affects your reaction, increases the braking distance to stop your car safely, decreases available time to make a a safe traffic decision, serves the impact and damage . If the accident happens.

Wear your seat belt

Help yourself to stay safe- wear a seatbelt. It will save you from a lot of injury troubles if an accident occurs.

Beware of intersection.
Always pass intersection with extra caution- many traffic accident happen here.

Never run a red light.

Running on red is not only illegal, it is also not safe. Even if you don’t see any cars approaching an intersection there is always a chance of unnoticed “ last second” car trying to pass the same intersection.

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