Leading auto industry in terms of sales, Toyota has revealed its plan to use airless tyres in its future electric cars.

According to report, Toyota found the need for airless tyres following the weight challenges which has been a hurdle for electric car manufacturers.

Toyota resorted to conceptual tires in its Fine-Comfort Ride fuel-cell concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show last week.

The company hope that if their research works out, they would use airless tyres in their electric cars.

While airless tires are years away from commercial availability, and weigh roughly the same as traditional tires, Toyota hopes further development will make them suitable for electric cars.
Sumitomo Rubber developed the airless tires which the company said the technology will work with any size of vehicle. Currently, the company is testing the airless tires on tiny Japanese kei cars and golf carts.

While weight reduction is the overall goal, the airless tires have another major hurdle still to be overcome: rolling resistance. 

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