While countries are working to phase oit electric cars and replace them with plug in electric car, the question has been whether buyers are the biggest problem for electric cars

According to greencarreports, buyers are the biggest problem to electric cars especially when it has to do with the cost.

Though electric cars still has a lot of hurdles to overcome some of which are inconsistent charging infrastructure, vehicle range and many others.

However, the inherent and appropriate conservatism of car buyers themselves acts as a brake on adoption of electric cars posses a great challenge to electric investors. 

Consumers overlook plug-in and battery-electric cars for a mix of reasons, but ultimately, it’s the price that matters most.

CNBC reported on Tuesday that the average new-car buyer is the electric car’s worst enemy as they seek affordable, practical transportation

Lack of familiarity with and knowledge about electric cars plays a major role, but ultimately the choice comes down to one thing: price.

Until electric cars get closer to price parity with traditional cars powered by internal-combustion engines, many shoppers will likely avoid them altogether.

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