Mirrors are one of the most important visual aids for safe driving.

There are different types and these include the interior driver’s, side, front and rear view mirrors.

These mirrors must be kept clean at all times,they should be adjusted to the driver’s seating position, height and convenience,the best way to check if your mirror is rightly placed is if you are able to view the rear of the car when you are in the driver’s seat. Use your car mirrors frequently, and respond safely to what you see in them.


  • Moving off – check all mirrors and look over your right shoulder to check the blind spot.
  • Changing lanes – check all mirrors and either the left or right blind spot(unseen area) depending on your direction.
  • Overtaking – check your mirrors paying special attention to the offside(left-hand) mirror to make sure no one is about to overtake you
  • Turning left or right – check the interior mirror and the nearside mirror when turning left and the offside mirror when turning right.
  • Slowing down or stopping -Check your mirrors in good time so you can lose speed more gently if necessary.
  • Leaving you car – check your mirrors before opening the car door in case a vehicle is passing and When approaching a hazard(junctions,bends,pedestrian crossings,road works,slow moving vehicles)you should always check your mirrors, as there is a chance the hazard may force you to slow down or change direction.

It’s amazing how well this technique works if used properly.It’s effective, simple,cheap and safer!

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