The quest to phases of fuel and gas powered cars and replace them with Electric cars is drawing closer with countries making swift policies on fuel and diesel powered cars.

However, electric car industries have been faced with a major challenge of reducing the recharging time of electric cars to the barest minimum.

Japanese auto giants Honda, seems to have have picked interest in the biggest flaws of electric cars.

Electric car recharging can take over 10 hours and even the fastest charging from Tesla will have owners waiting for around 30 minutes for a refill.

Honda is looking to slash these recharging times to 15 minutes by 2022. 

Honda recently revealed two new retro EV concept cars the Urban EV Concept and the Sports EV Concept which captivated audiences at motor shows across the world for their cute and unique styling. 

While the Urban EV is being built in 2019, the Sports EV has no production date specified which means that it could be used as a guinea pig for this new fast charging battery

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