Japanese multinational auto industry Nissan Motor Company has recalled nothing less than 17,507 units of it’s Infiniti car.

The recall was due to a possible airbag malfunction in the Infiniti QX30.

Despite no incident yet, Nissan suspects that the airbag may deploy at random without being triggered by external forces like crash.

Confirming the recall, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), wrote that “The combination of an electrostatic discharge to a broken steering column-module clock spring, and an insufficient grounding to the steering column, might lead to an inadvertent deployment of the airbag.    

“Up to 17,507 units of the Infiniti QX30 will be affected by the recall; the affected automobiles are those manufactured between August 10, 2015, and June 16, 2017. The owners of these automobiles will be contacted from December 18th by Nissan.”

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