German auto giant BMW’s electric car advertisement has been sensored by th e UK’s advertising watch dog over misleading information.

According to report, BMW claimed that an electric car equipped with a small petrol engine was “clean” and “zero emissions”, in a ruling that could have a knock-on effect on other electric car advertising.

The German auto giant used Facebook post testimonials from real customers to extol the virtues of the BMW i3.

BMW described the i3 as “a clean car and helps to give back to the environment”.

BMW argued that the nature of the petrol engine, in maintaining charge for the electric engine rather than taking over from it when needed

The i3’s petrol engine is only used to maintain the charge on the electric drive which is unlike “hybrid” cars, which have a petrol-driven engine that can take over from the electric system when it runs out of charge, on longer journeys or at higher speeds.

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