Its no news that the price of fuel in Nigeria today is astonishing. Sometimes you might winder when a car consumes more fuel and would want to avoid such situations. Thus Naijacarlovers has highlighted when cars burn more fuel.

The car is idling at a stop. When the clutch pedal is pressed there is usually a sensor that can tell and the engine may change timing or slightly increase RPM in preparing for setting off.

 I know my daily tends to do this and have seen it in other makes. This uses (slightly) more fuel and of course puts wear on the components so try to keep your foot off the clutch when you can.
The car is moving but coasting downhill or coming to a stop. When you push the clutch or go to neutral the engine now must provide enough fuel to idle the motor. 

This is a very small amount of fuel but it is an amount. If you leave the car in gear and do not push the clutch pedal the ECU will actually turn off the injectors either mostly or completely. In this condition you are burning no fuel at all.

In summary, Anytime the engine has to do more ‘work’: When going fast it has to overcome drag, When going uphill it is pulling against gravity, When accelerating quickly it is battling inertia and When carrying a heavy load

Also, when they cold start, they typically run a richer mixture of fuel to air until they warm up.

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