Looks like Ford won’t be carrying out plan to redesign fusion but rather would be dropping it for electric cars or cross over.

According to report, the Fusion was recently dropped from Ford’s local line-up but its future on the international front also seems to be in jeopardy, with reports from the US stating that a redesign that had been planned for 2020 is no longer going ahead.

Ford was reported to have sent a letter to it’s suppliers informing them that the 2020 redesign of the Fusion and its Mondeo-badged European counterpart, had been cancelled.

Although this does not necessarily mean that Ford will give up on the nameplate or the segment altogether – for a more radical project could be on the cards for a later date – the signs are certainly not good.

The medium to large sedan market – though still relatively big in the US – is giving way to the booming (and more profitable) SUV and pick-up segments. Fusion sales in the US were reportedly down around 20 percent last year, and 11 percent the previous year.

Another bad omen is that last October Ford’s new CEO Jim Hackett announced a cost-cutting and future-proofing plan that would see some cars dropped from its line-up. Ford didn’t name any specific models, but did state that the company would reallocate $7billion in development money from cars to SUVs and trucks.

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