Have you ever had a situation where you accidentally locked your keys inside your car? I bet you were confused on our next line of action. Sometimes you might be tempted to break your window so as to  gain access into your car. Naijacarlovers will highlight on what you need to do when you mistakenly lock your key inside your car.

1. Get the spare key

I believe everybody has a spare key to his or her car. If your spare key is within your reach, simply get the spare ky and open the door.

2. Enter through the trunk

Most cars have been designed to have seats which could be adjusted to enable a passage from the trunk into your car. Thus if you mistakenly lock your key inside your car and the trunk is open, you can do the needful and enter through the trunk.

3. Use inflatable wedges

This really depends on the car, but the most common method employed by roadside service companies is the inflatable wedge and a stick.  The wedge is made of some kind of nylon or other synthetic material and is slid between the door and the body of the car, inflated to pull them apart, and then a stick or rod is slid in to actuate the interior lock.

4. Call a lock smith

A competent locksmith will get you into the car swiftly with no damage. You can try most anything you hear about from friends and others but different cars have different methods to unlock them. 

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