Recently, most auto industries adopt automatic gear transmission. However, some persons still prefer the manual transmission gears to the automatic transmission gears. Here are some of the reasons why people prefer manual transmission cars to automatic.

How to drive stick

Performance: manual transmissions usually have better acceleration because of shorter gearing, less weight, and less power loss than the automatic transmission in the same car, though there are exceptions. Double-clutch automatic and semi-automatic gearboxes such as those found in Porsches, BMW M3s and a few Volkswagens have shift times vastly superior to anything humans are capable of with no loss of power; however, the weight impact is still felt.

Engagement: drivers may feel more involved with the car when driving a manual transmission. Especially true for sports cars.

Cost: manual transmissions frequently cost less than automatic transmissions.

Fuel Efficiency: manual transmissions can get better fuel economy due to lower power loss and different gearing when drivers are actively optimizing for fuel efficiency instead of performance, but it also depends heavily on the car. Modern automatic transmissions are getting very long overdrive gears to improve highway mileage.

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