A reluctor ring is a notched circle used in the anti-lock brake system (ABS) and the ignition system of cars. The anti-lock brake reluctor rings are located on each wheel.

The distributor-less ignition, or direct-ignition, reluctor ring is mounted on the crankshaft that triggers the magnetic sensor. The ignition reluctor ring combines evenly and unevenly spaced notches that send information to the electronic control module in order to control ignition timing.

A warning light will notify the car owner if the ignition reluctor ring needs to be replaced. If a car needs a new anti-lock brake reluctor ring, then the ABS system lights may flash on and off. Banging might also occur when braking at slow speeds, or the brake pedal may fluctuate.

There is no need to replace all ABS rings at once. To find the cracked ring, a mechanic uses fluorescent fluid and an ultraviolet lamp.

About an hour is needed for a qualified mechanic to replace an ABS reluctor ring. Replacing the ignition reluctor ring takes a full day because the ring is connected to the crankshaft.

To repair the anti lock brake system, you need a jack, four jack stands, a tire wrench and brake fluid to repair an antilock brake system. To repair the system, first switch off the ignition, and pump the brakes about 30 times to depressurize the system. Raise the vehicle with a jack, and support it with support stands. Unbolt the tire with a tire wrench, remove the tire, and set it aside. Pry out the caliper.

Pry off the old pads, and install new pads. Examine the brake system, including the master cylinder, vacuum hoses and brake cylinder. Replace the parts if necessary.

Change the break fluid, and pump the brakes several times until no bubbles are produced. Replace the caliper. Secure the tire back in place with a tire wrench and bolts. Slightly raise the vehicle with a jack, remove the support stands, and lower the vehicle. Pump the brakes to build up pressure in the ABS, turn on the ignition key, and check the brake system warning lights.

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