LCC has announced that from 1st February there will be an increase in the toll costs for the different categories of vehicles passing through the Ikoyi and Lekki tollgate. 
My simple questions are;
1. What new infrastructural upgrades or structures have they put in place to justify this?
2. Did they increase the number of staff or security personnel due to an increase in the area of coverage in the course of doing their job? 
3. Is the initial price paid by road users not even highly expensive especially for a long-term project? 
4. Is there any atom of justification for this price increase especially at this point of economic weight on the populace? 
5. Is it that the residents of this area have agreed wholeheartedly to this increament? 
6. Have they even apologized to road users for the time wasted queuing at the tollbooth because some booths were unmanned? 
7. When was the last time they even repaired the Alternative Routes? 

I hope we all can reason this together. 

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