Have you had a driving experience where your bonnet flew open? Its an experience you wouldn’t want to have. However if you experience such what are you expected to do.

First and most importantly, If you notice that your bonnet looks loose as you drive along, stop and check it. Don’t wait until you get home.

What to do if your bonnet flies up while driving?

Stay calm.

The worst danger in this situation comes from you. If you experience a flying bonnet, there is no need panicking because it will make the situation worse.

Check your mirrors

If you experience a flying bonnet, your view is bound to be obstructs by the flying bonnet. Check through all of your mirrors for incoming cars and take the necessary action.

Hold the steering wheel firmly to counter wind resistance.

With flying bonnet comes wind resistance, thus you are expected to hold the steering wheel firmly so as to withstand such resistance and avoid being drifted off the road or to another lane.

Brake firmly if it is safe to do so.

Try to look out of the driver’s window, steering the vehicle to safely park by the side.

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