In as much as kids are taught how to use the roads, its very essential for a motorist to drive with caution around school environments. If possible assume these kids know nothing about road usage for their safety thus you should be careful around school environments because kids may

Not notice objects directly in front of them.

Kids are easily distracted by things around their environment and thus won’t know a vehicle is heading towards their way. However, if a motorist is cautious and drives within the recommended speed, he/she is bound to do needful when necessary. Its also important to drive with your cars horns in good shape. Kids might not notice a car coming but they will definitely hear the blaring horns and take the the necessary caution.

– May have trouble judging the speed of cars.

Kids may not be able to judge the speed of a car thus could cross the road whenever they feel its safe. If you are over speeding you will hardly be able to avoid a case of fatalities but driving within the recommended speed limit will enable you slow down or stop completely when you see kids crossing the road.

-Kids may not behave safely.

Kids are easily distracted by their environment thus could expose themselves to potential accidents without knowing.
Hence, if you drive or park near the school take extra care and keep on the lookout for children.

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