Ford’s range includes an urban crossover called Ecosport, to fight against the stars of market sales in Europe. But to really hold the fight, the manufacturer to the oval offers a deep restyling. We took the wheel in Portugal.

Essai Ford Ecosport ST Line Ecoboost 140 ch (2018)

A more pleasant style

Question look, the Ecosport in 2018 sees his style gain sobriety. Especially in this black two-tone shade with orange roof that suits him perfectly. Unlike other vehicles of the genre, the Ford really looks like a small SUV. It fits better with the times, and at least visually compares with the competition.

However, there are some details that tarnish the picture a little. And this is mainly happening in the back. The opening of the trunk remains special, opening like a door. In addition, the handle to open it tries to hide itself in the right fire, but the optics seems broken. Once we notice it, we only see that …

A more sober and modern interior

In fact, it is on board that we mainly mark the modernization of this model. The cabin keeps its very good habitability given its dimensions, but for the rest everything changes! A mother would not recognize her little ones, so much is different. The Ecosport takes over everything from the Fiesta, and it is rather good news. It might sound a bit austere, but overall it clearly wins in perceived quality.

The city star star of the range, it also takes all the equipment, which is more easily registered in the era of time. Touchscreen type display, advanced connectivity, driving assistance and other modern equipment are part of the story. From this point of view also, the Ecosport has done what it takes to better hold the comparison in this ultra disputed segment.

The good engine of the Fiesta, but

Under the hood, there is also the Fiesta side to watch. This is the excellent Ecoboost of 140 horses, which had been released and appreciated in the urban blue oval. This small 3 cylinder however, has a hard time shining here. And we wonder why. Because you have to spit in your hands to get the quintessence. He can not seem to find that breath we liked so much in the Fiesta.

So, we play a lot with reports to keep a good pace and do not stay behind. It may be a bit exaggerated, but it is clearly behind its competitors. A Peugeot 2008 for example, less powerful is better in terms of performance. The weight exceeding 1,200 kg probably has something to do with it.

Essai Ford Ecosport ST Line Ecoboost 140 ch (2018)

A chassis that can do better

Our platform was entitled to firmer suspensions, which go with the ST-Line finish of our test model. Fortunately, we stay quite far from the wood, which benefits comfort. The least you will say to me. In fact, we would like this depreciation to be standard because it suits him rather well.

Nevertheless, he does not appreciate the abrupt changes of direction. A driving situation that can happen on mountain roads when one enters a little faster in a succession of turns. Therefore a pumping effect on the rear axle disturbs a little too violently stability. Fortunately, the electronic fairy is watching to keep everyone safe. It’s mostly the stomach that takes a hit.

Consistent range, lack of performance

On the occasion of this restyling, the Ford Ecosport improves its look and its cabin, while gaining the passage of the modern equipments. However, its performance is still a problem. At 24 000 €, in a range that starts at 18 900 €, our model is the comparison on the field of tariffs. But will that be enough?

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