While Renault presented a concept of Zoé sport at the Geneva Motor Show a year ago, the diamond brand is about to launch a new electric motor called R110.

More power for the urban diamond! According to the website PushEvs , which relays information published by the magazine Auto Plus, the Renault Zoe will be entitled to a refresh during the summer and a more powerful electric motor.

While today Renault offers three engines – one to 75 horsepower and two to 90 horsepower – this new R110 engine could develop up to 110 horsepower (80 kW), about 20% more than the current R90 engine, the name “R” implying that this electric motor would be assembled by the manufacturer in Cléon , Normandy.

First deliveries in July

According to PushEvs, the first deliveries of this new Renault Zoé R110 will take place in July. In addition to its more powerful engine, the new model would also offer new equipment such as brake assist, line tracking function, LED headlights or adaptive controller. Previously reserved for higher levels, heated seats should be available in all trim levels.

Inside, a new configuration of seats would completely fold the rear seats in a 60:40 configuration.

Charge Combo and new battery?

If the arrival of this new electric motor is confirmed, what will be the appearance of the refill? Will Renault manage to erase the big defect of its R90 engine – today strictly limited to 22 kW AC – by associating its onboard semi-fast charger with a Combo connector accepting 50 kW or more?

Another question mark: Will the battery – now 41 kWh – increase its capacity? We know that LG – the current supplier of Renault – is working on new cells suggesting the arrival of a new pack 60 kWh. Will it accompany the arrival of this hypothetical new engine? One thing is certain, a 60 kWh Renault Zoe with an R110 engine capable of charging both 22 kW AC and 50 kW Combo would be enough to break the house

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