The expected day arrives. It’s time to pack your bags, take the car and go to any desirable destination to spend some incredible days with the family. Many times, in those situations, we check our vehicle superficially and only what we think is most important for its operation. But there are other aspects, such as cleaning the headlights of the car , which should not be left aside. And is that if we neglect the cleaning of the headlights may appear that haze that causes its performance is much lower than usual.

From Insurance Catalana Occidente we offer you a series of indications to clean the headlights of the car effectively and yourself.

Why is cleaning the headlights so important?

The appearance of that fog similar to fog and that harms the performance of the lights is produced because the thin film that protects the headlights wears away with time and by constant adverse weather conditions (constant exposure to the elements, very sunny areas , salt areas …). What causes this? That neither you will see correctly nor other drivers can see you as they should. That is to say, it can suppose a risk in highway greater than a priori we think that supposes.

Cleaning the headlights of the car at home

If the headlights of your car are not badly damaged, you can resort to methods that you can do yourself at home or with the help of your family. Before using any of these homemade techniques, you should clean the headlight with plenty of soap and water to remove all traces of oils, chemicals, any contamination or dirt on the surface. You can also use traditional cleaning products, although we recommend that they are colorless and non-abrasive. After this, you can apply any of these alternatives.

Clean the headlights of the car with toothpaste

Polishing the surface of the headlights with toothpaste will help you to whiten them as if it were your denture. To favor more effective results, mix it with some degreaser .

Polishing paste for car bodies

You can apply this paste with a soft cloth although it will always be better to use an electric polisher .

Although these homemade methods to clean the headlights of the car can help you get out of the way and not delay you on your trip, it is always advisable to have a car insurance that has reliable workshops to carry out this work.

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