The car not only breaks down when the engine stops working. There are also other areas that contribute to worsen their condition and, sometimes, one thing leads to the other.

Although in this post we propose to make some small outlay of money, you should not take it badly, it is an investment that could make your car last a few more years. Is the remedy better than the disease?

Let’s do it, if you follow these tips, your car will be more long-lived than the most iconic cars in history .

If the car is already a few years old, take care of the engine with waxes and protective greases is a good advice to follow.

Take care of rubber and other plastics, preventing them from deteriorating and renewing them from time to time.

Take care of your physical appearance: do not mistreat the upholstery and suck thoroughly from time to time, the body must be protected against bird droppings or sun rays … Almost none of us do it, but it never hurts to apply a coat from wax to the car, at least, once a year.

Do not delay the date to change the timing belt. This type of breakdowns are usually the most expensive to repair in the garage.

Check the pressure of the wheels and, if your car is new, take a measurement just in the information panel to warn you.

Did you know that the air conditioning gas should be changed from time to time?Avoid showing the symbol that tells us that the oil level is low by checking it frequently , so the car will never reach the end.

Avoid running in short stretches, it is counter-productive and you do not gain anything.

Far from the curbs! The wheels suffer from each blow …Do not start violently, wait a few seconds with the ignition on. It seems that no, but it is one of the most valuable and efficient tricks to make the health of our car an oak more years than we thought.

Finally, it goes without saying that there is no need to skimp on periodic revisions to the workshop. The health of your car and that of its attendants will be reinforced.

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