If you like Tesla’s proposal in the saloon segment but you think your catalog is not wide enough, you’re in luck. After the Tesla Model S becomes a pretty ranchera after passing through the hands of Ares Design , now it’s the turn of the Tesla Model S Cabrio .

The same Italian company (which we have just visited ) has advanced two images of what his future project on the American electric will look like. As they did in the transformation to a family vehicle, the studio based in Modena will do more than just cut and add some new elements.

The Tesla Model S will also be convertible after passing through the hands of Ares Design

The body and design specialist will submit the Tesla Model S to a deep redesign, both exterior and interior. On the outside the changes will be more than evident, removing the entire upper area of the roof and changing it to one of canvas. In addition, the rear doors will be removed to convert it into a coupe and the rear seats will be reduced.

Inside, it is expected that Ares Design will also make changes to turn the Model S into a much more luxurious and refined vehicle after passing through the hands of some of the most reputable Italian experts in the sector.

The challenge is not exactly small, because they will have to do even more meticulous work than in the shooting break . It is very easy for an adaptation of this type to chirp in its final execution, what we do not know yet is whether ares will make some kind of structural modification to reinforce the chassis after detaching the Model S from its hat.

Tesla Model S Cabrio Ares Design

What is certain is that the electrical section will remain intact. Tesla has been quite permissive with those who have wanted to modify their vehicles but with the only limitation of not altering the electrical section of their cars.

Now, this creation of Ares Design will not be completely new, since in a distant 2014 a small American company made a similar transformation, although with not too good result . In favor of the Ares approach is the conversion to two doors, which surely helps to enhance the style of the final transformation.

As for the price, there is nothing announced either. Ares Design commented that its Model S ranchera will arrive sometime in 2018 at a price of no less than 200,000 euros, so when the Model S cabrio subsequently appears, its cost is closer to 300,000 euros .

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