The single-seater series FIA version will have this year the Halo , controversial device to protect the driver.

The Indycar has chosen another path for 2019, and took advantage of the first trials of the season on the Phoenix Oval to test a windshield.

Contrary to the solution adopted by the F1 based on a tubular reinforcement , the Indycar prefers an enveloping windshield. F1 had also tried this type of protection, but opted for Halo because of optical distortion and dirt.

Windshield tests in Indycar

In the case of the Indycar, the windshield is a very strong transparent plastic manufactured by PPG Aerospace and used in aviation, especially for the F16 canopy.

It was Scott Dixon who returned the task of the first tests of rolling with the appendix, on the small oval of Phoenix, at different times of the day and the evening to test the different types of light.

The pilot came out with rather positive impressions, indicating that from the point of view of the vision, things are satisfactory.

It is rather on other points that the new device has a little disturbed Dixon: the reduction of ventilation and therefore the temperature in the cockpit, and the reduction of ambient noise.

On the other hand, the reduction of the aerodynamic perturbation on the pilot’s helmet is a welcome benefit for the driving comfort, and the windshield does not pose any problem of extraction of the cockpit.

In these tests, Dixon was unable to appreciate the effects of platoon conduct and the various projections that go with it, nor did he experience different weather conditions. The tests are therefore just beginning, with the goal of adopting a solution for the start of the 2019 season.

From the point of view of the spectator, on the other hand, between the disgraceful halo and this visor which brings back to the pace of the old cars, there is no photo … It is worth noting that the Indycar and the FIA exchange their data on the subject.

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