The first time a person drives a car is an experience. The conscious feeling of having the steering wheel in your hands and the control of such a complex machine is liberating, but it also generates enormous responsibilities with others and with yourself.

At some point, the habit ends by ceasing to surprise and the action of driving becomes mechanical, instinctive and even unconscious . This means that drivers, on the one hand, can obviate the procedures that in that first contact with a vehicle are difficult to coordinate. On the other hand, to think less frequently about the precautions that at first was so important to consider before, during and after driving.

Concentrating on each journey, as happened in the first trips, is essential. In your case, how aware are you of the task you assume as a driver? Apply these keys in your daily life to control your emotions, strengthen your mind and contribute to road safety and sustainable mobility .

Plan your routes

Tracing possible routes to your destination facilitates your driving because you can foresee some challenges or difficulties on the way. It is not the same to travel through an unknown road than to have patience when passing through another busier, but familiar.

Planning also helps the mobility of your city because you can contribute to the decongestion of the roads if you take advantage of new routes . Exploring requires you to have attentive senses and make your movements more aware.

Less talk and more driving

Talking with people in the car, if you are driving, is a habit that you should modify. Driving is an activity that requires all your senses , so chatting or talking on a cell phone, even with free hands, makes you lose a certain level of consciousness . Have priorities at the wheel. If you must ask your companions for silence, do it; it’s for everyone’s safety

Avoid distractors

Radio, magazines, social networks, food or drinks, pets. All this can distract you. If you let your mind fly and start driving instinctively , you risk losing control over what you are doing. Remember that when you drive you expose your life and that of others to numerous risks.

Focus your travels

When you drive, it promotes comfort conditions that facilitate the activity. If you do not feel comfortable with the height of the seat or its hardness, the temperature of the cabin or what you hear in it, you will be more prone to obfuscate and, in general, to have less control of your emotions . It also depends on what driving is a safe and pleasant experience.

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