They say you are or are not empathetic, but at Naijacarlovers we believe that a driver can improve his behavior and attitude on the road. These tips will help you, so put them into practice every day:

1. Be respectful : one of the characteristics of the empathic driver is respect for traffic regulations and signs. Complying with this will avoid road problems, traffic accidents and discomfort with other drivers.

2. Do not bother: do not become an obstacle to others. Before doing something wrong such as parking on a zebra, standing in the middle of the road, parking in places that are not allowed or overtaking another vehicle on the wrong side, think about the inconvenience you will cause and your own safety.

3. Be tolerant: each driver and pedestrian has his own behavior and you can not control it, but you can be tolerant and not react impulsively to the faults of others.

4. Control your emotions: the rush of everyday life, the horns or whistles of other vehicles and the bad behavior of the actors of mobility can raise your level of stress . Listen to soft music, breathe deeply and put the best attitude to the situation.

5. Do not exceed the speed: when you drive at high speeds you are less aware of what happens on the road. According to studies developed in several Latin American countries, speed is responsible for 40% of deaths in traffic accidents. Try to mobilize always within the limits allowed.

6. Be generous: remember that you share the street with other car drivers , pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, so do not pretend to be the owner of the road. Give way, support the driver or pedestrian who requires it and brakes on the stop and the zebras.

7. Be polite: provide civic treatment to other drivers and pedestrians. Understand that they have your same rights. Greet them, treat them well and, when you are the victim of their imprudence, show your good education.

8. Be a positive example : do not drive recklessly . With your empathy in driving you prevent traffic accidents and contribute to the welfare of all

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