Your road safety depends, in large part, on the state of your car. If everything works properly, you will avoid stranding or suffering traffic accidents. To manage your risk responsibly, these are five reasons to do preventive maintenance to your vehicle.

What do you think when you are driving and hear a strange noise coming from your car ? The first thing that can come to your mind is that you are going to stray and, therefore, you will not be able to reach the place to which you are heading. Imagine that you effectively get stuck in the middle of the street and you are trapped in the chaos of the city where you live . If you were not in a traffic jam, you will surely be responsible for generating it … an unpleasant and safe situation.

Maintaining your car before any incident related to its operation occurs is one of your commitments as a driver. Preventive maintenance, as the name implies, is the one that is done to avoid a grounding and anticipate damage to your vehicle. Failures are inevitable even with the best technical support, but they can prevent affectations that in the end are very expensive.

An expert reviews your car in depth

A technician is responsible for performing preventive maintenance from the result of a general review of the systems and the most essential parts of the car. This maintenance must be carried out each time you travel approximately 5000 kilometers. As this varies, it is important that you seek personalized advice to make better decisions.

If your car has voluntary insurance, you have the support of experts during the term to ensure its optimal functioning and, with this, your well-being and that of those who are mobilized with you.

You know how your car is and what you need

The preventive maintenance of the car consists of a technician checking the brake system, the cooling system, the tires, the electrical system, the suspension, the filters, the lighting system, etc. Each system or part plays an important role in the operation of the car, so if something fails, it is likely to affect everything else. Take this to reality: the damage of a spare part can mean damage to other parts of the vehicle, which eventually impacts your pocket considerably.

After the review, the expert will give you a report on what is good , what requires repairs and what you should be careful to avoid faults occur later. The brakes of the car, for example, may be very worn so they work normally. That’s when taking action is essential.

You save money and plan your car expenses

When you anticipate damage to your car, you save a lot of money. Imagine that for lack of maintenance there is an affectation in the engine that prevents the operation of the vehicle. The repair , in that case, will cost you much more than you would have been worth any other adjustment of lesser scope.

One of the advantages of having voluntary insurance is that you invest with the assurance that you will save money when an event occurs. With SURA Auto Insurance accounts, for example, with 24-hour assistance in case of vares or accidents. Likewise, your car is given full preventive maintenance at an affordable and affordable rate. Quote it and buy it totally online here .

You feel safer and calmer to get out in your car

Preventive maintenance helps avoid those dreaded stranded in the middle of the road when you go on a trip. In fact, before doing any tour in areas far from your city or metropolitan area, it is essential to maintain the cars. It is a rule of road safety and awareness against your welfare, the road and the other actors that are in it.

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You keep your car in top condition in case you plan to sell it

When do you know it’s time to change cars? You just know it: you have the same one a long time ago, you fell in love with a new one that improves your experience as a driver in many ways … there can be many reasons!

Before selling it, you must evaluate the condition of the vehicle to know what is failing and make the necessary repairs. In this way, the car will be in optimal conditions so that those interested in buying it feel calm and convinced of the quality of its operation. Remember that if your car is good, you can sell it at a better price.

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