The European Investment Bank (EIB) is committed to supporting Airbus batteries with funding. Because, despite a certain inertia of part of the automotive industry, this initiative of the European Commission unveiled in autumn 2017 continues on its way.

” I confirm the full support of the EIB for this initiative,” said Andrew McDowell, vice president of the European Bank, last week in Brussels, at a joint press conference with the European Commissioner for Economic Affairs.

Energy, Maros Sefcovic. Adding even that the financial institution would make available all the “palette” of its instruments and that the EIB would make other announcements on this area in the coming months.

Andrew McDowell also said that the bank would join the European Union to develop the capacity of the old continent in electric batteries. Recalling that last week it approved € 52.5 million in funding for the Northvolt project alongside the Swedish government . This pilot site, located in Sweden, will be the largest European lithium-ion battery cell plant. It will be the most advanced initiative in the EU to compete with Asia and the United States and try to reduce European dependence on its battery imports.

On October 11, Maros Sefcovic, also vice-president of the European Commission, brought together numerous industry players to launch the initiative known as ” Airbus batteries “. This ambitious project has set itself the goal of achieving the entire battery value chain in Europe. It is the subject of several working groups.

As part of the EU’s common energy strategy, Brussels believes that the battery sector is a key technological initiative, making it possible in the first place to guarantee the continent’s independence in the field . A position in line with that of the French President, Emmanuel Macron.

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