BMW X3 test (2018)

The BMW X3, the pioneer of premium compact SUVs, intends to remind that he remains the boss. The new generation appeared last year reinforces its fundamentals, while putting a foot in the future. We took the wheel on the roads of the Isle of Beauty.

A style that is evolving significantly

Contrary to what we read here and there, this X3 evolves quite significantly in terms of style. It even gives a old-fashioned old look. First of all we immediately notice the oversized nostrils. It also adopts the modern look of the latest productions, with full LED headlights even for fog lights .

BMW X3 test (2018)

If the profile changes little, the back is entitled to a serious brushstroke. And this is manifested by optics similar to those of the small X1 . Although it looks a lot like the old one, it can be said that it fits well into the era of time. Add to that new wheels, and he left to last for a while.

A furry finish and the latest techno

On board, we are logically in a home environment. For those who have seen the interior of the last Series 5 , it resumes the pace. We pass you the chapter on finishing, which is unsurprisingly very high level . We feel good on board, but we have to be successful in understanding the riot of technology.

The large touch screen, beautiful and with a definition equivalent to that of tablets in vogue, serves almost everything. There is only air conditioning that is still managed “old fashioned”. This is also where the image of HD cameras helping parking is displayed. As for the rear passengers, they enjoy a longer and tilting seat, while the boot capacity can reach 600 liters with very regular shape.

BMW X3 test (2018)

A typical BMW road feel

On the road, this new X3 is very comfortable. That being the case, this is the base. But not only will it not make the difference here with its competitors, but they do a little better with more sophisticated suspensions. But its compromise with dynamism is reminiscent of what is expected of a BMW . Because on winding roads, its more natural road feel enhances driving pleasure.

In addition, its state-of-the-art driving aids make life easier for the driver. An adaptive smart controller, coupled with a queue-keeping aid, makes life easy on major roads. What to spend the day on the road to arrive in good shape! One hardly exaggerates. To properly monitor its pace and GPS data, we appreciate the head-up display.

BMW X3 test (2018)

A powerful Diesel

Performance issue, our 30d version has a 6-cylinder (rare things nowadays) Diesel 265 horsepower . And it ticks all the good boxes, showing not only outstanding flexibility, but also when necessary, a welcome nervousness. Modes of transmissions thus accompany the moods of the driver, whether it is to peacefully align the kilometers, or join with enthusiasm an alpine station. However, it will probably not be the best selling motor in France in the current atmosphere.

The excellent 8-speed automatic gearbox contributes to the good numbers, whether 0 to 100 km / h timed in 5.8 seconds or the top speed established at 240 km / h. To tackle the roads, it will do the trick, as long as it does not require crossing. At the same time, it is not what is asked of him. We appreciate the help to the descent, ideal to reach some corners of paradise of Corsica.

Logically a bit expensive

Regarding tariffs, count 51 000 € for the first line in Diesel . As for the M40i version, the highest catalog for the moment, it will cost less than 72 900 € 4-digit ecological malus. Yes it’s expensive … but did you really expect the opposite? In any case he has something to seduce, and his success seems rather assured.

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