A traffic accident is an event that could generate a natural lack of control in the emotions of people. We can feel anguish, fear, stress, anger, sadness or anxiety. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is stay calm all the time. This way you can control the situation and get ahead of this event in a way that is satisfactory for you and for the other people affected in the accident.

The 3 steps that we will explain below, are part of a methodology taught by the International Red Cross that is applied in any type of accident, including traffic accidents. Learn them well to apply them correctly in these situations.

1. Protect

After the impact has occurred, verify first that you are well, that you do not have any serious injury or that it compromises your health status, and then check the status of the other people involved in the accident. Then, turn on the emergency lights of your car and put on the asphalt the cones or reflective triangles that you keep on your road equipment 30 meters from the location of the car wrecked, in order that any vehicle that transits the place, At 50 kilometers per hour , reach to stop or dodge affected people and vehicles.

2. Alert

Immediately call the authorities who can help you. First call the Emergency Line (123), if applicable, the Highway Police (# 767) and your insurer (if it is SURA brand # 888). During the conversation, describe in detail what happened in the traffic accident and the exact location where it happened. Thus, the assistance that will arrive at the scene of the disaster will adjust to what the people involved in it require.

3. Relief

If serious injuries occur, do not move them, as you can generate more serious injuries or injuries than those caused by the traffic accident. The only exception to this important rule is that a fire, a flood or a landslide may occur imminently in the place of the accident . If the wounded have hemorrhages, take a piece of gauze and press it on the wound and wait for the paramedical team to arrive. If the injured are not serious, tell them not to stay on the road or near the accident site.

These are the 3 fundamental actions that you must perform the minutes after the moment of the accident. Then, proceed as follows:

  1. Always call the transit authorities.
  2. Take pictures of what happened.
  3. Do not move your vehicle from the accident site . It is the only way for transit authorities to know what really happened. Do it only when the traffic authorities tell you.
  4. Record (if any) the names and telephone numbers of the people who witnessed the accident (witnesses).
  5. Have your documents (license and driving license) and those of the car and hand them over to the competent authorities when they request them.
  6. When the authorities ask for your declaration of the events that occurred in the accident (by appearing), do not assume responsibilities or blame. It tells what happened in the most succinct way possible. Keep in mind that the responsibility can only be determined by the competent authority after the investigation and the contraventional process .
  7. In the following weeks, keep in mind the date of the hearing in Transit.

If the accident had injured or died, the authorities have the obligation to immobilize your vehicle and to perform blood alcohol tests .

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