How should children travel in the car

If you have minor children and you want them to be well protected to ensure their well-being inside the vehicle, it is important that you know the following rules. Through them you can not only be sure that your child can go safe, but also if you stop for the police will not fine you.

Children must go back

Whenever possible, children should be seated behind for their safety.

Do not forget that children under 18 years of age and or less than 135 cm are obliged to sit in a special chair to be protected . In this case, the child restraint system should always be in the back, except for some exception in which it is not possible to put it in the back and have to put it in the front. The child can be placed in the front seat if the rest of the seats are occupied by other minors and there are no more free seats. But remember, in this case you should always use a chair appropriate to your characteristics, both weight and height and should be well insured.

Despite not being mandatory, as good parents you should always drive a good vehicle that offers good security to your children. For example, it can be a good option to buy Mercedes models , which according to recent studies by Euroncap are the safest vehicles for children today. For example, the Mercedes Benz A Class stands out for offering 85% safety for children, which is really good.

Regulations for child seats in special vehicles

If you are going to drive a vehicle with more than 9 seats, you should know that the regulations when transporting children are slightly different. As is to be expected, the driver is obliged to inform all accompanying persons that the use of the safety belt is mandatory. And as he is in charge of all passengers, he is also in charge of making sure that all minors, with a height of less than 135 cm, carry their approved retention system according to their needs. You must bear in mind that if a child does not wear it, it can not be mounted on the vehicle. Not only because you will not have the security you deserve, but because you could be fined in case the police discovered you.

In the case of taking a taxi, the child can go without their security system, as long as the vehicle does not leave the city. This is an appropriate measure, since taxis would have to carry an approved car seat for each child and this would not be possible. Of course, the child is obliged to wear the seat belt, as are all adults who ride in the taxi. On the other hand, if the child is going to take the taxi and will be traveling with it outside the city, at the time of hiring the taxi service you will have to request that it have the appropriate security system for your child. Keep in mind that the child’s safety officer will be the father, mother or companion, that is, they will be responsible for ensuring that the child has the necessary safety measures.

How much does the fine cost for breaking the rules?

Really this section should not worry us. What should concern us is the safety of our children, but it never hurts to remember what the amount of the fine will be.

According to the latest regulations, we can see how not taking the child correctly seated in the seat corresponds to a serious infraction, just as it is not wearing a safety belt on the part of adults. This means that currently the fine is 200 euros , which is always accompanied by the withdrawal of 3 points of driving license.

And do not forget that if you are going to travel abroad, before doing so it is important that you look at the regulations of the country to which you are going so as not to break the rules and be fined.

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