Monkeygate VW Beetle diesel smokes

The Federal Administrative Court of Leipzig confirms the possibility for cities that wish to ban diesel.

It was an expected decision on both sides. The court of Leipzig was seized by Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia who challenged the traffic bans in Düsseldorf and Stuttgart.

So, the Federal Administrative Court of Leipzig gave them wrong. It confirms that municipalities can prohibit the movement of certain categories of vehicles. Of course, are targeted diesel. And this, for reasons of pollution.

Europe has set NOx standards (nitrogen oxides) at 40 μg NOx / m3 of air. But, 70 German cities do not respect the so-called standards. The palm being in Stuttgart and Munich with nearly double. The DUH (Deutsche Umwelthilfe) is an association that has attacked Düsseldorf and Stuttgart for failing to meet European standards.

To avoid this, municipalities must show that they are acting against NOx pollution. Hence the prohibitions of diesel. However, here we do not speak of vehicles before 1997, or before Euro 3. No, it is downright the possibility to ban any diesel before Euro 6 that is in question. And this kind of vehicle was sold mainly two or three years ago.

This confirmation shows the enormous loss of influence of automakers and their lobby, the VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie). It must be said that dieselgate has been there. The authorities no longer have confidence in their car industry to improve themselves and they (finally) take the subject.

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