The fog banks can reduce our visibility of the road to one kilometer, but if it is thick fog, we will not see the road beyond 50 meters. Under these conditions we must take precautions and keep our car in good condition in case we have to face this situation.

Driving tips with fog

If we have to drive under fog, we must use the dipped beam , never the long ones, because when reflected in the fog it can damage our visibility even more. The front fog lights are optional, although it is mandatory to use the rear fog lamp in case of fog so that other drivers can see us.

The tires also play a fundamental role, because when the road is wet our car slides more easily. It is advisable to check the condition of the tires if we are going to drive in periods of bad weather conditions.

If we observe that the vehicle starts to produce steam due to humidity, we must direct the ventilation to the moons to prevent it from affecting our safety.

Finally, speed is a determining factor when driving with fog. The ideal is to adapt the speed to the conditions so that our field of vision is not impaired. In the same way we should avoid sudden braking since it could cause a collision with the cars that drive behind.

Even so, although we have followed all these recommendations, if we do not see ourselves capable of driving, it is best to stop in an area enabled to guarantee both our safety and that of our companions.

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