As a result of the carte blanche that the German cities have won to prohibit the circulation of diesel vehicles , another European consistory wants to join the fight against diesel.

We talk about Rome : the eternal city also wants to put a brake on diesel in the center of the city with 2024 as the deadline. This has been confirmed by his mayor, Virginia Raggi , through a video posted on their social networks.

If twenty years ago they tell us that diesel cars were going to be pursued all over the world, we would take the enlightened one as crazy. A kind of golden age of diesel has brought with it that, in recent decades, cars fueled by diesel oil are sold as churros, which translates into millions of those vehicles circulating on European roads. Now that they are evil, what do we do with them?

The high pollution rates in European cities have the answer: they will have to be banned. According to Automotive News , Rome has been the last to want to put a diesel deadline , but more will come. For the moment they have already spoken in the Balearic Islands , in the case of Spain, or in regions such as Scotland . Not to mention the German cities that will soon announce limitations or Milan itself , which also announced limitations for diesel with 2030 on the horizon.

Virgina Raggi , mayor of the Italian capital since 2016, has suggested 2024 as the limit for diesel vehicles to circulate in Rome , although she added that the measure will only affect the center of the city. He did it this week through his social networks, something also inconceivable twenty years ago, when Twitter or Facebook were not a project of.

“If we want to intervene seriously, we must have the courage to take energetic measures,” says Raggi in the video. And the truth is that in Rome , a city where there are not too many factories, the main causes of pollution are cars. At least that’s what Raggi explains. The data support the mayor’s argument: the transalpine city is the tenth most polluted city in Europe according to the data of the European Environment Agency published by El País.

According to the Italian industry, in 2017, 1.8 million vehicles were sold, of which two thirds were diesel . What shows us that the diesel fever still coleates and is coeval with the percussion of the administrations.

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