After having triggered the hostilities of a steel battle by displaying his firm will to increase very strongly the customs duties on the imports of steel and aluminum – subject on which we will return point by point in posts Dedicated – Donald Trump persists and signs. Even, target even more non-American car manufacturers.

Do not go four ways, the US President threatened Saturday to impose heavy import taxes on cars manufactured in the European Union.

Brandishing this threat in return for the EU’s remarks – delivered in response to its first attack – in case the EU applied tariffs in retaliation for its own plan to introduce 25% tariffs on imports of 10% on those of aluminum.

While the announcement of the project put forward by Donald Trump on Friday caused a fall in global stock markets , the EU responded in return, saying it plans to apply tariffs of 25% on a list of imported products. the United States.

We will come back to analyze the consequences of this battle on the automotive sector

As a reminder, at present, the US applies tariffs of 2.5% on cars assembled in Europe and 25% on vans and pick-ups. Vehicles manufactured in the United States are subject to a customs tax of 10% upon entry into the European Union.

Note that BMW employs 9,000 people in its plant in South Carolina , it is also one of the largest providers of jobs in this state.

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