1986 Bertone Citroën Zabrus

While the cooperation between Bertone and Citroën seems to his firmament, the Italian studio offers at the Turin Salon 86 a coupe for the French brand. The Zabrus alone is a synthesis of many of Bertone’s convictions.

Like many of Bertone’s concepts, the Zabrus takes its name from an animal. It is the zabre, a subspecies of the family Carabidae designating part of the beetles.

Marc Deschamps again officiates. Thus, we find one of the characteristics of the style appeared at Bertone on his arrival in 1980. Flanks marked by one or more gouge for example. But the Zabrus also retains the signature of the truncated (and tilted at the back) wheelhouses of the Italian house (and Marcello Gandini), as well as the opening of the elytron doors.

Based on the BX 4TC (including the 2,2l turbo 200 hp and 4-wheel drive), it also shows some elements that can be found on the XM shortly after: the fold of the flanks, the shift of the body line at foot A or the very fine and stretched look of the front optics. The low height of the side windows is compensated by glazing on the sides of the pavilion.

The interior atmosphere is bright enough, and access on board is facilitated by the swivel front seats. Here we also find one of Bertone’s red threads. Four occupants are on board, on individual seats dressed in kangaroo leather .

Of course the typical mono-branch steering wheel of Citroën is present, and the instrumentation that occupies the entire board is separated into three areas: facing the driver for driving data, the center for more mechanical data, facing the passenger for entertainment.

Here we also find some of Bertone’s red lines: comfort, ease of access and easy information for the driver. The order layout clearly evokes what will be found on the XM.

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