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In the driving school they teach us how to park a car correctly. But it remains one of the most feared maneuvers by many drivers, especially those who are still new. The pressure derived from the traffic itself and the fear that other drivers may despair can sometimes make our nerves play tricks on us when carrying out a parking maneuver.

When we meet a driver with problems when parking, we must be respectful , because we can never know when we are going to find ourselves in a situation similar to yours. From Naijacarlovers we want to avoid that happening, that’s why we offer you some little tricks that will help you improve your parking skills.

How to park a car the first time: Tips and tricks

The first thing we must be clear is that patience is essential, you should not get nervous when parking. There are two types of typical parking and both have their parking techniques correctly .

Parking online

  1. The first thing we must do is signal our maneuver. It is important to turn on the turn signals well in advance to avoid collisions with the vehicles behind.
  2. If we have found a space to park between two cars, we will stand parallel to the vehicle in front (at a distance of approximately half a meter). That will be our reference. Once we are aligned and always with the turn signals on. We will start the reverse very gently until you see your bumper from our rear window, or once our wheels are in line with your defense.
  3. Turn the steering wheel towards the direction of the parking. To achieve a 45 degree angle with the reference car and with the mirrors in the same line as your rear bumper .
  4. At this point we will change the steering wheel turn and continue the reverse gear.
  5. We will straighten the vehicle and move forward, if necessary.
  6. Once parked, we must immobilize our car. For this we will use the hand brake. If necessary, we will place a gear (the first one in case of being uphill, reverse in case of being in slope) and block the steering wheel.

Battery parking

It is the simplest of parkings.

  1. We will signal with the turn signals in the direction of the maneuver.
  2. Anilearemos our defense with the previous vehicle.
  3. We will turn the steering wheel and we will advance in reverse looking through the rear-view mirrors.
  4. Once our car is inside, we will straighten the steering wheel and continue the maneuver until it is immobilized.

The technologies that facilitate us parking

More and more vehicles have technologies that help us park without difficulties. The two most useful and extended are:

Rear view camera

It offers us a complete vision of what is behind our car. Avoid blind angles of vision, being especially recommended for large vehicles.

Parking assisted

A series of sensors placed in the vehicle detect if it is possible to perform the maneuver. The car will turn for us and we just have to be careful to accelerate.

New technologies help us on a daily basis and they can also do it when parking a car. Anyway, we must not forget that these technologies are only a help and that, being machines, they can fail. Therefore, to protect against everything that we can not control, it is necessary to have a good car insurance , because the safety and peace of the drivers are the most important.

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