Like his countryman and competitor Mercedes, Audi seems to want to bet on the timeless side – not to say tasteless – his sedans to continue on the segment.

The new Audi A6 brings a new proof at the Geneva Motor Show. View from the outside. The interior offers many new features, at the forefront of the most modern technologies.

As if the “Deustsche Qualität” and modern design were incompatible in some way. Doubling our hopes of renewal in the external appearance of the vehicle. One way, certainly to get rid of the effects of fashion. Above all, the class, some say.

So much so, that one has the right to wonder – as long as one has not boarded – what may be the new Audi A6 presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2018. Once again, technology a must-have technology will say some … while others will think Inspector Gadget could make a fit of jealousy. Unless he attacks for plagiarism?

Because Audi has put the package. And too bad for the motorists of a mature age who will have to put on appropriate glasses: inside, more of analog meter. Everything goes through the so-called “MMI” system. No less than 3 screens are integrated in the dashboard.

The meters are displayed on a 12.3-inch wide screen. A second 10.1-inch screen is in the top position of the center console. A third of 8.6 inches is in the low position. The latter is used in particular for adjusting the air conditioning / heating. When you are told that driving is the sight of life .

Admittedly, the manufacturer concedes -finally ?! – fashionable to borrow smart phones concept of “slipped / moved” for different icons of the system. History to launch the fashion (still it?) Of a very British driving being forced to lift a finger to be able to access all the features while keeping his hands held on the wheel?

Well, let’s talk about British. Just because their vehicles are equipped with a steering wheel on the right, their left hand is more agile than their right hand, the brilliant German ergonomists at Audi would have forgotten the risks of Anglo-Saxon driving in their modeling?

If the ergonomics of such a system still remains to prove for a right-handed, what to say for a southpaw. The situation will not be better for a southpaw on an Audi A6 with steering wheel on the left … When all digital has its limits ….

Let’s also hope that adjustments between seat height, height of the steering wheel, visibility of the counters and … vision of the road (the goal in the end !!!) do not become either a real headache … The lived on some models of its competitors … When the adaptation of design and technology to the times has not only advantages.

The new Audi A6 also aims to be an example of excellence in active safety. It would almost make you laugh as the technology listed above would not encourage the driver to let his hands off the wheel and his eyes from the road.

For Audi, it seems more necessary now to have to choose between seeing or driving. Because the manufacturer has thought almost everything: 5 radars, 5 cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and a laser equip the beautiful sedan.

The Audi A6 also offers parking assistance that can even be controlled from outside the car. At this level, this is called tele-guidance.

Other features include: Lane keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control and even an eco-driving cruise control mode. In short, a giant step towards autonomy

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