Volkswagen Group Japan (VGJ) renewed the compact car “Polo” for the first time in about 8 years and started a preceding order from March 2.

Polo is a compact car that adopts the conventional style of placing the engine sideways on the front part and driving the front wheels, as with the main model of VW, Golf. The first polo started selling in 1975.

For VW, it is a core model whose annual sales volume in Japan always exceeds 10,000 units.

Also, 60% of users are females, which is also characterized by the fact that female users account for much more than the proportion of female users in the entire VW in Japan.

The 6th generation new type polo is adopting the next generation platform of Volkswagen (VW) “MQB” for the first time in the compact class.
We aimed for the sporty and sophisticated latest VW design, with the intention of a wide and low proportion with sharp side silhouette with edge and stability.

Also compared with the current model, the wheelbase has been expanded by 80 mm and the full width has been expanded by 65 mm. By doing this, we realize a wider indoor space than ever.

In addition to improving the comfort of the rear seats in particular, the luggage space is also expanding 71 liters.

In addition, the interior of the new polo is a horizontal tone with operation systems arranged in a row, and aimed at ease of use.

We are adopting the newest cockpit layout of the VW compact car as soon as possible.

In addition, VW’s genuine infotainment system “Discovery Pro” is adopted for the first time in Polo series. By using the telematics function of the mobile online service “VW carnet”, traffic information etc will be provided to the driver in real time.

The newly designed 1.0 liter gasoline direct injection engine is more powerful than the previous model.

In the urban area, it demonstrated sufficient power performance and realized high quietness.

Moreover, we have adopted advanced safety technology / comfort equipment used for advanced models, and we have high safety from the fact that we have won five stars, which is the highest rating in euro NCAP.

Polo new model of VW which started a preceding order. With renewal for the first time in about 8 years, expectation will rise.

Release is scheduled for mid-March

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