European corporation of Nissan Motor, Europe Nissan has unveiled the concept car “IMx KURO” for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show 2018 which started on March 6.

“IMx KURO” is an evolution version of “IMx”, a concept car that Nissan showed off worldwide at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 in the world.

Adopted black finished trims and wheels, dark gray body color with the theme of “black” that is also included in the name. You can see that the grill has also been changed to a more solid design.

IMx KURO equipped with Nissan’s proprietary brain wave measurement driving support technology, “Brain to Vehicle (B2V)” technology.

By measuring and analyzing the brain waves of the driver, this B2V’s wonderful spot helps to realize the driver’s desired driving both during normal driving and automatic driving, and enhances driving pleasure … apparently …

Furthermore, at IMx KURO, we adopted fully automatic operation function which further advanced “professional pilot”.

If you select “Pro pilot drive mode (PD mode)”, the steering wheel is stored, the seat reclines deeply, and all the crew members can relax and move.

Also, selecting “Manual drive mode (MD mode)” seamlessly switches from PD mode, the steering wheel appears in front of the driver, and the seat changes to the appropriate driving position.

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