Peugeot made its first “508” for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show 2018, which began in Switzerland on March 6. Characteristic is an emotional four door coupe design.

The feature of the new generation 508 which is the 2nd generation is the 4 door coupe design.

Reborn as an emotional 4-door coupe with a low smooth roof line.

The total length of the new model is 4750 mm, which is 80 mm shorter than the current type of 4830 mm.

In addition, Peugeot’s latest design language is introduced to the front mask.

For the new 508’s interior, we adopted the latest “i-Cockpit”.

i-Cockpit is Peugeot’s new generation cockpit.

The latest i-Cockpit features an intuitive control panel designed for a more natural driving experience.

Also equipped with ergonomic head-up display and touch screen.

The steering wheel is made more compact, and consideration is made so that the driver’s field of view and foot space can be opened.

In addition, the head up display is 12.3 inches high resolution, and it displays the necessary information on the extension line of the driver’s eyes.

The large 10-inch touch screen is arranged like a tablet to the center of the instrument panel.

The platform was developed based on PSA Group’s “EMP 2”.

By the current ratio, we succeeded in lighter weight of 70 kg on average.

For European specifications, set gasoline and diesel.

Gasoline is a 1.6-liter in-line 4-cylinder turbo with two types of maximum output of 180 hp and 225 hp.

8-speed AT “EAT 8” is scheduled to be set in the transmission.

Also, in the new model 508, four types of driving modes of eco, sports, comfort, normal are selectable as “i-Cockpit Amplify”.

In addition, depending on the two modes of boost and relaxation, you can change room lighting, sound system and so on.

Peugeot 508 New model was first released at the Geneva Motor Show 2018. It is finished in a coupe type featuring a soft roof line.

Peugeot’s new-generation cockpit, the latest “i-Cockpit”, is also featured and features 508 new models of attention. I am looking forward to launch.

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