On the occasion of the Geneva Motor Show, Goodyear unveiled efficient grip Performance, a prototype tire designed to meet the specific needs of electric vehicles.

Power, immediate torque or additional weight of batteries … Due to certain characteristics specific to electric, traditional tires can wear 30% faster on an electric car, according to Goodyear.

To meet these challenges, the American brand has developed a dedicated technology. Dubbed “Electric Drive” and revealed in Geneva on the prototype EfficientGrip Performance, it is based on several innovations :

  • A redesigned tread allowing a better contact zone of the rubber with the surface of the road. What better to absorb the high torque and increase the service life
  • A “high load capacity ” construction, the shape of the tire cavity to better support the additional weight associated with the batteries,
  • A new composition of the rubber to limit rolling resistance and maximize battery life. The sidewalls have been redesigned to better absorb aerodynamic drag.

At this point, Goodyear does not give any information as to the arrival of this new type of tire.

In Geneva, the EfficientGrip Performance is presented alongside Oxygen , another concept tire incorporating on its side a “living” foam supposed to reoxygenate the city.

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